2020 Landscape Update

Let this year be the year you plant the garden you’ve always dreamed

The Billy Goat understands that trends in commercial and residential gardening are always growing- evolving simply due to nature’s ways.  As a result, a 2020 landscaping update must take into consideration things like sustainability, aesthetics, budget, and more, with each particular situation requiring a unique approach balancing all of these.

So, The Billy Goat’s back with some Miami 2020 landscaping tips to let us help design your luscious new landscape and get the dream garden you’ve always wanted.

Sustainability, functionality, and outdoor aesthetics

The biggest 2020 landscaping trend is certainly sustainability and functionality with style.  Consider plants that require little maintenance as they will not only save you time but resources as well.  

In that regard, synthetic grass in Miami is really becoming popular among locals.  Residential family homes along with new ultra-lux high-rise apartments are incorporating artificial turf in patios, rooftop decks, and playgrounds throughout The Magic City. 

Installing palm trees means style (… and ROI)

A quick way to raise property value in Miami is to install palm trees, bushes, shrubs, and other types of foliage that produce shade, privacy while having guaranteed ROI.  It’s the instant curb appeal that doesn’t require a great deal of constant care once the roots have set.

Oh… and did we mention they look amazing?  Call The Billy Goat and ask about Miami tree installation today. 

Make your garden smart: incorporate automation

With all the new capabilities, automating a home or business garden is not only modern and attainable, it really makes life easier.  Things like sprinklers, lights, and soil sensors are only a few of the smart technology available. Incorporating contemporary amenities in a home or garden saves money, time, and stress in the longterm.

Look out for the robotic lawnmower! 

Mulch and hanging plants add a lot of value

One of the most sustainable, affordable, and sure ways to add personality to a yard is landscape mulching in Miami.  The possibilities are vast when it comes to imagining just how you want to develop with mulch so be sure to explore and get as much inspiration as possible.  

Available in multiple varieties and colors, incorporating this look into your residence or place of business is another sure way to add property value.

Incorporating hanging foliage can be assessed in similar and described the same way – except on a higher level.  They also add a little 2020 Florida gardening flare.

Remember – minimalism goes a long way

Having a beautiful Miami garden doesn’t have to take a ton of time, care, or money.  A huge one on the list of 2020 gardening trends is minimalism. Low- maintenance landscaping in Dade is really taking off, allowing owners to get the best out of their property with class in an affordable, chic, way.

Consider stone walkways, simple landscape architecture, and natural rock as these are resilient against the constantly fluctuating climate in South Florida.

Whether you need 2020 residential gardening, commercial landscaping, or general lawn care maintenance, The Billy Goat is the number one choice for landscaping in Miami and South Florida gardening needs.

Because we’re here to serve you.

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