Autumn Lawn Care in Miami

Fall gardening in Miami

Fall is right around the corner and – even if you can’t feel it – your lawn knows.  The sun is rising a little later, setting a little earlier, and soon these Summer downpours will slow down.  So how can you make the best of your South Florida lawn care in autumn?

Don’t worry, we got you. Billy Goat is here with a few easy suggestions to make sure your Fall Florida gardening goes according to plan with the seasonal changes coming.  Check it out!

Watering Landscaping

While we’re still getting nice rain, soon it will slow down.  If rainfall in your area during these months starts to become rare, water your lawn regularly. 

Landscape losses a lot of moisture within just a few days It’s true. The amount of water need not be as plentiful as in the summer months, but without it, your lawn’s soil will begin to dry out from top to bottom. but make sure your grass is at least moist during part of the day.

Get a rain gauge to keep track of how much water your lawn may be getting.  Deep roots find can find water sources deeper in soil, but only if there’s moisture to be found.  If it’s been over a week since it last rained, it might be wise to water the garden. 

Mowing Grass

When the temperature begins to drop, cut back on trimming your lawn – it may not be growing as fast.

Mowing times will become further apart as the atmosphere cools and rainfall slows down.  Also, taller grass blades will help insulate the lower portion of the grass and its roots. reducing the risk of winterkill from low temperatures.

Mowing heights may also be raised in the fall to reduce the risk of winterkill from low temperatures. Taller grass blades will help insulate the lower portion of the grass and its roots.

As always, the rule of thumb is never to cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade, no matter what your ideal length may be.   

Raking Leaves and Natural Fall Debris

A common mistake property owners make during colder months is letting leaves cover the lawn to insulate plant life from harsh weather.  

The fact is, however, dead foliage and plant debris can block the sun from reaching the live landscaping, preventing photosynthesis.  This makes it harder for lawns to breathe and take in the nutrients they need.  Regularly blowing, raking, and mowing dead leaves is essential to keeping your grass green.  

Especially if palm trees are shedding on your lawn.

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