Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services in Brickell 

Brickell runs along Miami’s scenic Biscayne Bay coastline and is the urban hub of Miami’s financial district, representing the second-largest banking center in the country.  Young, cultured, and glamourous, Brickell’s neighborhoods are modern metropolitan hotspots populated by some of the Magic City’s most influential players. With such a sophisticated and eclectic city vibe, professional landscaping is key for an organic presence, so you can guarantee The Billy Goat Landscaping lives up to the task.

What NYC would probably feel like if it were in the Caribbean, Brickell’s international demographics, business, art, and have taken its prestige soaring.  A perfect symbiosis of skyscrapers and tropics, Brickell Avenue is the official location of Miami’s new “Millionaire Row,” with a mixture of architecture that predates the birth of the United States and up-and-coming locales that push the boundaries of modern art.  Home of the revolutionary Wynwood Art District, Brickell’s status and influence on society is trans-national, helping to shape everything down to the very foundations with its impact on the finer things in life.

Brickell’s prestigious residents and locale get the best because they earned it, and The Billy Goat Landscaping is here to make sure it stays that way.

The Billy Goat Landscaping Company specializes in residential home and commercial property garden maintenance all over South Florida.  We lay sod, arrange flowers, plant trees, place artificial turf, engineer terrain installations, and anything else you can possibly imagine for your home or work.  With a 15-year history of valued client approval throughout Miami, The Billy Goat’s complete lawn care service is dedicated to creating your dream topographical design, managing every detail from start to finish with expert precision.  


  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Lawncare Maintenance
  • Synthetic Grass Placement
  • And more…

At The Billy Goat, we take pride in our work and provide the utmost attention to every necessity you may have, ensuring customer satisfaction with our $2 million general liability policy that nullifies any possible mishap.

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