Commercial and Residential Landscaping in Miami Shores

Miami Shores Village is a hybrid of classic Americana – family homes, small businesses, and big dreams – with a splash of Magic City enchantment.  Towering church steeples blend right into local parks surrounded by suburban neighborhoods filled with children playing in the street and professionals going about their affairs.  The “Shining City upon a Hill” has relocated to South Florida and The Billy Goat Landscaping makes sure it sparkles as bright as the Sunshine State’s sky.

Home of the eponymously named Miami Shores Country Club with its prestigious grounds and events, the town is a rare gem in between Brickell and Biscayne Park.  The Shepard and Ruth K. Broad Performing Arts Center hosts presentations and shows, entertaining the students of nearby Barry University, FIU, and the various members of the community who take advantage of the small-town feel.  And the Miami Shores Aquatic Center has fun for everyone.

Mom and Pop shops add to the down-home vibe, populating the tranquil streets alongside Starbucks and other national chains in seamless precision, respecting the village’s humble ambiance without neglecting modern convenience.  They add to the modest domestic bliss that permeates the air with Florida’s sun – the perfect setting for The Billy Goat Landscaping to bring out the dazzle of life.

The Billy Goat Landscaping Company specializes in residential home and commercial property garden maintenance all over South Florida.  We lay sod, arrange flowers, plant trees, place artificial turf, engineer terrain installations, and anything else you can possibly imagine for your home or work.  With a 15-year history of valued client approval throughout Miami, The Billy Goat’s complete lawn care service is dedicated to creating your dream topographical design, managing every detail from start to finish with expert precision.  


  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Lawncare Maintenance
  • Synthetic Grass Placement
  • And more…

At The Billy Goat, we take pride in our work and provide the utmost attention to every necessity you may have, ensuring customer satisfaction with our $2 million general liability policy that nullifies any possible mishap.

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