Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services in Sunny Isles

Tucked in between world-famous Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale lies Sunny Isles, a white-sand community nestled in the Atlantic Ocean’s warm embrace.  Glorious palms line neighborhoods bejeweled with extravagant resorts, nightclubs, cultural destinations, and dreams, ranking it first on Trip Advisor’sTop Ten U.S. Destinations” by TravelCast.  With this level of prestige, Sunny Isles deserves the best landscaping South Florida has to offer, so of course The Billy Goat on the scene.

Showcasing miles of breathtaking seaside views with public access for any seeking to soak up some sun on the beachside public parks, Sunny Isles is a draw for visitors but paradise to those who call it home.  Avenues lined with museums, shopping plazas, spas, sports stadiums, golf courses, tennis courts, boat docks, and more, the palms lining the streets do the job of tying everything together.  

Resident and tourist alike – from any walk of life – have something special waiting in Sunny Isles and The Billy Goat Landscaping is working hard to help the town keep its emerald shine.

The Billy Goat Landscaping Company specializes in residential home and commercial property garden maintenance all over South Florida.  We lay sod, arrange flowers, plant trees, place artificial turf, engineer terrain installations, and anything else you can possibly imagine for your home or work.  With a 15-year history of valued client approval throughout Miami, The Billy Goat’s complete lawn care service is dedicated to creating your dream topographical design, managing every detail from start to finish with expert precision.  


  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Lawncare Maintenance
  • Synthetic Grass Placement
  • And more…

At The Billy Goat, we take pride in our work and provide the utmost attention to every necessity you may have, ensuring customer satisfaction with our $2 million general liability policy that nullifies any possible mishap.

Call The Billy Goat Landscaping Company at (305) 666-0111 or contact us on this link and let us plant the seed for your corner of Eden today.