Commercial Landscaping in Miami

The Billy Goat’s regular lawn servicing and care allows businesses to focus on what really matters

Maintaining a commercial building requires several tasks, and one of the most critical to their reputation in the community is landscaping.

The Billy Goat knows just how the right Green Thumb can help a business flourish better than most. Because of this, our personal reputation is seeded with roots 15 years old, dedicated to helping the lawns of Miami’s businesses grow with them.  Through our scheduled outdoor care of businesses and homes, we’ve been able to provide our client with award-winning landscaping and more.

Our success taking care of South Florida’s landscaping gives us and our clientele the confidence only a $2 million dollars in general liability insurance policy can give.

Besides delivering regular residential property gardening and other outdoor maintenance needs, The Billy Goat provides commercial

  • Scheduled grass mowing
  • Flower arrangements outdoors
  • Tree and bush trimming
  • Garden debris removal
  • Shrub and hedge maintenance
  • Mulch and sod laying
  • Plant or tree placement and removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Regular weeding
  • Repair install artificial turf
  • Stone, gravel, brick, and other hardscape installations
  • And more…

Award-winning commercial landscaping is how we’ve remained a staple of Miami landscaping for over 15 years.  Contact The Billy Goat today and schedule an estimate now.