Experts agree – when it comes to home improvement return on investment, landscaping offers more profit with less hassle

Homeowners and HOAs often wonder, does landscaping increase home value? Or is landscaping a good investment?

The official answer is yes.

This is simply a fact laid out statistics by and anyone in the know. The only real question is what is the return on investment (ROI) from professional residential landscaping?

A recent Washington Post article reported some experts have seen up to a 1,000% gain on a landscaping investment. These figures will obviously vary depending on the project, but there is really no debating whether curb appeal raises a property’s worth.

Here are a few ways The Billy Goat Professional Landscaping can add value to any home.

Landscaping ideas that pay back

There are a couple of guaranteed ways to add value to your home while making it more picturesque.

The ROI on the following upgrades are certain:

  • Architectural landscaping
  • Palms/trees for natural shade and privacy
  • Flower beds and colorful foliage
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Synthetic grass
  • Interlocking/separated stone walkways
  • Shrubbery/bushes as property barriers

Obvious regular lawn care maintenance – trimming, fertilizing, basic upkeep, etc. – prevent disrepair that leads to pricier fixes. (This article focuses on ROI in residential property, but the same applies to commercial landscaping.)

Where is the most ROI in landscaping

A backyard with a functional living space can raise a property’s value by 13% or more by introducing natural shade, artificial lighting, modern outdoor walkways, and floral color. Bushes and shrubs will also do wonders to absorb atmospheric sounds. These things make refinancing or selling a home easier, too.

One more thing to consider is that this is one case where less is more. Landscaping in Miami Beach can be as costly as landscaping in Pinecrest, so a minimalist approach is not only fashionable, it’s easier.

Not investing in landscaping could cost you financially – and physically

Having a poorly maintained lawn is detrimental in many ways. It could cause erosion, facilitate flooding, destroy underground utilities, and more.

The cost of an exterior project with large objects and installations that require machinery is costly and risky. This type of work can be dangerous so The Billy Goat recommends professional work, especially when installing tall trees or using heavy materials. Reasons like this are why we carry a $2 million general liability insurance – we understand the seriousness of largescale landscaping in Coral Gables to landscaping in Key Biscayne.

And remember; it’s green to be green. Plants improve air quality. Trees and vegetation remove CO2 from the air and reduce greenhouse gasses while producing oxygen. It’s a small thing to do for the planet, but every little bit helps.

Have any Florida landscaping ROI tips?

Miami landscaping ROI with The Billy Goat is fast, reliable, on time, and a safe investment.  If you have any though on landscaping ROI in South Florida, drop us a line on Facebook – we’d love to hear from you.

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