It may not seem like it, but South Florida’s rainy season is coming to an end, heralding our colder, dryer months of the year. Though it’s still warm outside, gardening during this time means it’s time to prep and take advantage of the last, heavy rains in October. Thankfully, Billy Goat is here with a few simple ideas to keep your lawn hydrated through to next Spring.


As the weather dries, plant life begins to slow down so it’s a good time to give trees and shrubbery a good trim. Get them looking good right before cold fronts hit and they should be fine until late winter.

Prune non-spring flowering trees and shrubs but be gentle with flower beds.

Pruning during the dormant, cold season is usually wise practice.


With plant life slowing down growth, that means weeds are slowing down, too – and are ripe for picking.

Hand pulling weeds brings immediate aesthetic results and helps rip them from their root, curbing the odds of regrowth. This is a bad time for seeds to grow, including these pesky suckers, keeping them from coming back immediately and possibly altogether.

But be gentle. Don’t hurt surrounding plant life that you wish to save, especially in delicate flower beds.


Another lawn care aesthetic move that’s wise right after weeding and pruning is adding mulch, especially now that cooler, drier, climate is expected.

This assists in three separate ways. First of all, it helps soil retain the water from these last coming showers. Second, it’s something that should be done after weeding to further prevent their reemergence. Third, it just looks amazing.

Mulch can add some fantastic colors to help contrast with your garden and strikingly set it apart visually.

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