Fall is here in South Florida and it’s finally starting to cool down, making it a perfect time to spruce up your lawn.  Not only is the weather lovely, but it’s also the perfect time to prepare your lawn for winter and begin planning for spring.  There’s a refreshing chill in the air that brings us Floridians outdoors to enjoy the best of the Sunshine State.

So, whether you have a green thumb and love to do your yard work or hire out a pro, The Billy Goat is here to remind you of a few small things to knock out while enjoying an autumn breeze.

Trim Trees and Prune Shrubbery

Palm fronds and bushes will likely be shedding or ready to trim to give the coming year’s new growth room to thrive.  Lifeless branches also pose a hazard to your property and those on it.  

Most trees won’t lose all their leaves in South Florida, but it’s there will be clear patches of spent foliage that blemishes and otherwise healthy garden.

Pruning flowers – like seasonal perennials – should be cleaned up, too.  Having a beautiful flower bed that changes colors through the season comes with great responsibility, but keeping it manicured is hardly a chore when you sit back and appreciate the results.  Plus, more room means more flowers.

And don’t forget to trim the grass short in the fall to prevent disease keeping it healthy so it’s ready for spring.

Gather Fallen Foliage and Debris

An easy task on the Miami fall gardening checklist is to pick up the leaves, branches, and other debris that’s gathered on your lawn over the year.  It may be tedious, but if not done the property losses curb appeal and value fast.  Dead foliage is also a great place for mold, and other hazardous things that rot landscaping to flourish.

A simple once over with a rake does wonders to keep your land looking and feeling its best. 

Aerate Lawn

Given the amount of precipitation we get, a must-do on the Miami fall landscaping checklist is to break up soil that’s been compressed by rainwater – otherwise known as aerating.  This allows nutrients to flow more fluidly through the soil making it easier for roots to absorb what they need to make the plant healthy and strong. 

This can be done with a gardening fork, but it may become tedious.  Focus on areas you know that gather water throughout the year or where you hope to see more growth.  Or better yet, have a professional Miami landscaper take care of your lawn’s aeration process.

Never Too Much Mulch

Now that your landscaping is looking well-groomed, it’s the perfect time to place the cherry on top.  Adding mulch is a great way to paint with new colors on your landscape while keeping areas weed-free.  It also makes caring for your lawn easier because it requires less maintenance.

Look around your property and imagine where a few strategically placed bags of mulch can really liven up its aesthetic. 

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