Florida Summer Gardening Checklist

Bush & shrub manicuring in Florida by Billy Goat

When it comes to regular lawn care maintenance in South Florida, The Billy Goat knows what needs to be done regularly.

However, as the seasons change, different tasks are required and summer is one of the most demanding- especially in the Miami heat – to make the best out of family celebrations and barbecues with friends.

That’s why we’re here to make sure you have your summer gardening checklist down, making your outdoor space the setting of unforgettable summer memories.

Summer Shrub Trimming

Neglected shrubs, bushes, and trees can make any lawn look unkempt.

Shaping, trimming, and pruning these larger plants can make them achieve maximum health while removing possible branches that could become dangerous debris.

But when it comes to trimming branches on high trees, make sure you contact a professional.

Inspect and clean outdoor hardscapes

Summer isn’t the only time of year to do this, but because it’s usually the most common time for outdoor fun, cleaning hardscapes is a must-do.

Natural and artificial stone features outdoor would do well with an application of sealants to prevent mold and cracks.

Just make sure you read all the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them carefully.

Plant summer annuals – they’ll be back next year!

Based on their ability to grow in hot seasons, certain flowers are perfect for adding a little Florida flair to your yard.

Some warm-season annuals include:

  • Marigold
  • Zinnia
  • Impatiens

These plants grow their best in the hot weather of late spring, summer, and early fall. Make sure after planting that they receive regular watering until they establish a healthy root system. If done correctly, these perennials will be back again next summer.

Incorporate mulch, edging, or stone for added style

Adding mulch to a flower bed helps retain moisture in the soil, helping plants to take advantage of soil that would otherwise evaporate. It also helps keep roots cool so the heat of the summer doesn’t stress them out too much while protecting against unwanted weeds.

Placing stones or edging can also add a level of sophisticated aesthetic that highlights a well-groomed garden.

Time for summer Florida gardening

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