The Billy Goat Landscaping maintains your lawn so you’re free to install spooky props and carve jack-o-lanterns with your favorite people

Tropical autumn nights in Miami are highlighted by the thrill of long walks with family and friends exploring ghoulish Halloween landscaping around The Magic City. It’s sometimes difficult to notice the seasons in sultry South Florida, but the sight of cobwebs on palm-trees, jack-o-lanterns in the sand, and scarecrows surveilling suburban homes help ring a bell. The perfect commercial or residential landscaping can make a massive difference in the atmosphere for any setting in the Sunshine State.

That’s why The Billy Goat specializes in landscape maintenance and services that form an ideal canvas to conjure the Halloween spirit. Here are a few whispers in the darkness to shock your magic garden back to life.


Basic tips that just keep coming back…

Miami Halloween gardening can’t begin without a few small tips.

The first is simple: skulls.

Plastic or ceramic skulls, to be precise (what were you thinking?) These can be found at affordable prices all over the internet. Once you have a few chilling craniums, they become terrifying planters The Billy Goat fills with startling multicolored flower displays or frightening cacti. Then store them so they can return from the dead to haunt the lawn next year.
And – of course – you can never have too many carved pumpkins. These can be filled with traditional candles, but The Billy Goat is familiar with electronic landscape lighting. The jack-o-lanterns can also serve as eco-friendly planters that biodegrade ethically and provide a permanent home for plants you may want after the ghost of Halloween has faded. On that note, carving out other hollow fruit can have a similar effect with a tropical spin. Scary faces carved out of coconuts, watermelon, pineapple, and more are bizarrely unique Florida takes on the jack-o-lantern. These, too, are perfect permanent planters.

Color for the horror

Halloween Florida gardening is the essential way to capture the soul of the occasion thanks to residential and commercial landscaping with colored foliage. Purple, black, and orange in plant life look stunning alongside festive props.

“Black Beauty” elephant ears (Colocasia esculenta) and “Black Magic” (Cordyline fruticosa) – with twilight-black leaves – crash against the eternal flame-red oranges of local South Florida crotons. Available at most local nurseries, The Billy Goat would not hesitate to help you dig a hole so they can find an eternal resting place.

The Cordyline species also wears a crimson shade that pours off like blood…

If you don’t want your display to last too long, many of these colors are easy to find at inexpensive prices and The Billy Goat will gladly take care of all the dirty work.

Plant these… IF YOU DARE!

The Billy Goat’s synthetic grass never really dies because it was never even alive. Always there when you turn back to look – no matter how little it’s watered or fertilized – synthetic grass doesn’t need to be slashed away from growing too much, either.

There’s also a disturbing legend that’s filtered over the ages to plague all who venture into haunted lands. According to the tale, the foul flowers of Huernia, Stapelia, or Amorphophallus are a ghastly burgundy and emit the stench of the living dead…

Have any Florida Halloween gardening advice?

Halloween Miami landscaping is a great way to have fun and spend time with loved ones during the holiday. If you have any creepy lawn care tips, drop us a line on Facebook – we’d love to hear from you. Your friends at The Billy Goat Landscaping wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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