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The reasons for regular lawn maintenance in Miami aren’t just about keeping it healthy – it’s a statute 

Keeping up your lawn maintenance in South Florida isn’t just about keeping things in pretty around The Magic City.  

Many neighborhoods and commercial places have ordinances or laws in place that penalize homeowners let their properties overgrow, all of them with little variations owner need to keep in mind.  

Miami landscaping can be tricky from, whether it be lawn servicing in Pinecrest, Biscayne Park, or anywhere in South Florida, only because of environmental factors, but also the random bureaucracy that dictates it.

So, how often should you cut the grass lawn in Miami and Broward?


Why would you?  That’s what The Billy Goat‘s is here for.

But if you do need to know, keep in mind that picky regulations are some of Florida’s most lucrative sources of revenue and – while Miami-Dade and Broward have similar guidelines – they can vary in everything from the fine amount, enforcement, and the exact length of the lawn for grass mowing in Bal Harbour in certain areas is different than adjacent North Miami Beach lawn care.

According to the Miami Dade Landscaping code, residential grass can’t get past 8 inches and can only be a certain type, but that varies.  For example, commercial landscaping in Aventura has different rules and enforcement guidelines than residential gardening in Kendall.  Every HOA in every municipality is different, and building codes change regularly making it difficult to monitor current community standards of South Florida Landscaping ordinances.  

Referred to as nuisance ordinances, the penalties can include:

  • Fines
  • Lawsuits 
  • Bringing it a landscaper to mow the lawn at your cost 
  • Possible risk of foreclosure if stipulations are not met

But who is affected the most by Miami landscape ordinances?  

Aside from vacant lots, the most fined properties are typically residences where the owners are out of town.  Another common casualty of this basic slip are homeowners who rent out a property and are in between tenants. Very often, they forgot to arrange a lawn service and wind up being cited several times before even knowing about it since the home isn’t occupied.  This is seen from lawn servicing in Miami Lakes to regular grass trimming in South Miami.

Unless you’re a person who genuinely enjoys doing regular landscaping maintenance in Miami, the easiest thing to do is to arrange a professional company to worry about it for you.

After a short grace period in which the city expects you to comply with the order to maintain your property, they will act.  If one of the local municipalities gets involved, it’s going to be more than a nuisance which could have been completely avoided with a regularly scheduled lawn service in Miami. 

So, how do I really know when my grass is too long? And how much should I cut?

Though the South Florida ordinance is around 8 inches in length, enforcers really start to notice when the grass is above the ankle.  Depending on the neighborhood (lawn service in Coconut Grove is different than lawn service in Miami Beach) anything above this becomes a prompt call for a nuisance complaint to the city. 

But in that case, it’s a little long and cutting too much will cause damage.  

So, here are some grass mowing tips from the pros at The Billy Goat:

  • The best time to cut the grass is when it’s between 4 and 5 inches
  • The 1/3rd Rule: never cut more than one-third of the grass’s length, it WILL cause damage 
  • Don’t mow grass lower than 3 inches

Don’t get fined, schedule a visit from The Billy Goat today

Whether you need a 2020 landscaping update or any regular lawn care maintenance in Miami,  The Billy Goat is the number one choice for South Florida gardening needs.

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