In the heat of the summer better call your grass cutter – it’s the best way to keep your lawn healthy under the Florida sun

Grass in South Florida can go from green to brown fast thanks to our tropical weather.  And, although we get much rain during the summer, neither the water nor sun alone are enough to keep lawns looking their best.

The Billy Goat sees this phenomenon regularly and we have a few tricks up our sleeves to balance out the problems in your yard.  

Let’s see how a regular visit from The Billy Goat for some scheduled lawn care maintenance in Miami can harness the power of summer for your garden’s benefit.

Mow the grass high

It may seem wise to keep the grass as short as possible to spread out time in between mowing, but that is a common misconception.  Tall blades of grass grant shade to their root system, preventing them from becoming parched on hot, dry days.  Longer blades also permit the roots to spread deeper, allowing them to be more tolerant during stressful climates.  

As always, the height of your grass depends on what type is in your garden.  Regardless, you should never cut more than 1/3 of the blades or you will damage them. Certain grass species thrive in the heat by staying a little longer because this allows them to remain cooler when less plant tissue is removed.  However, there is a fine line to walk here between a verdant lawn and a tiny jungle so it’s best to arrange for a grass mowing service in Miami who understands your grass’s requirements in order for it to prosper.

Don’t overwater your lawn

Whether in a commercial setting with timed irrigation systems or a residential space using a sprinkler and hose, it’s critical that you DO NOT OVERWATER YOUR LAWN!

A great fallacy that property owners have is that water will fix the brown spot on their lawn, especially in environments like Miami where there is extreme heat.  False.  Overwatering grass deprives the roots of oxygen, making them susceptible to diseases that prosper in humid conditions while causing physiological problems for plants and soil organisms alike.

The best way to irrigate the lawn is to do it deeply but infrequently.  Soak everything in your garden down to the root but then don’t do it again until you know the soil is totally dry.  In Miami, the summer sun showers are sometimes enough to let nature take care of this, but be sure to stay vigilant in case you notice a dry spot in an area with little shade if there hasn’t been recent precipitation.  

One rule of thumb:  DO NOT WATER THE GRASS DAILY.  To look its best, your lawn needs only one-inch of water per week – and rain counts.  A thorough watering once or twice a week will do it, even during the driest times.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass in Miami is becoming more and more prevalent, with several high rises incorporating it into rooftop decks and suburban homes creating stunning playgrounds for kids.  Obviously missing several of the things that make real grass special, synthetic lawns are quite perfect for those seeking a low maintenance solution for their garden.  

Check out The Billy Goat Gallery to see how synthetic turf keeps some of our clients’ grass green year-round no matter what and visit our blog for fun Miami lawn care ideas.  Or if you have some tips of your own, drop us a line on Facebook, we love to hear from the community. 

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