Hurricane season in Florida requires home and business owners to prepare their properties for the unexpected.  With high-velocity winds and strong downpours ravaging lawns, it’s wise to take precautions and ensure any possible damage is minimal.   The Billy Goat understands the dangers hurricanes pose to Miami’s landscape so here are a few tips to keep your garden from experiencing the worst.

Take inventory of your yard and pick up loose material

The first thing Floridians should do when a hurricane watch is in effect is clean their yard.  Pick up any loose rocks, fallen branches, tree baskets, and any other material in your yard or trees that could be picked up by strong winds.  These can become dangerous projectiles that damage property or worse.

Bring in potted plants and children’s toys if possible.  Things that cannot be brought indoors ought to be secured as best as possible or placed alongside an exterior wall.

Have dangerous branches removed from trees

Another Miami hurricane season lawn tip is to examine your trees and find any dead branches that can be ripped off in heavy winds – these need to be removed before the storm hits.  Also, find all loose hanging fruit and nuts on your property as these can tear off and cause serious damage.  If a branch is too high or big to remove on your own, contact a lawn care professional.

Clean storm drains 

Florida properties usually have storm drains somewhere nearby to help prevent flooding.  Find them on you yours and make sure they are clear. Then, examine the drainage paths to remove any obstructions. Take a survey of your property and remove any debris from storm drains. 

This will keep water flowing to help battle flooding – which can kill grass and loosen the root system of trees, causing them to fall over.  

The Billy Goat understand hurricane lawn care in Miami 

The Billy Goat is a South Florida lawn care company that has weathered many tropical storms and hurricanes.  We understand better than most that you may be busy stocking up on flashlights, bottled water, and batteries, so if you need a little help preparing your lawn for the hurricane season, rely on the experts at Billy Goat.  Call us for a free quote.

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