Miami Autumn Landscaping

Now that Summer has come to end, The Billy Goat helps your lawn with the changes of Fall Florida gardening

The days are getting shorter and the nights are colder in The Magic City – so time to switch into Miami Fall landscaping mode.

Some may say we don’t really feel the seasonal changes down here, but The Billy Goat begs to differ. Autumn Miami gardening becomes part of a unique aesthetic only we can pull off, with traditional orange tones finding their way onto tropical palms allowing for that fantastic Florida fall landscaping flare. And – at The Billy Goat – we specialize in all types of Miami terrain any time of year.

Let us show you how we can help your autumn Florida landscaping stand out this season.

Things to remember

Miami fall gardening can’t begin without a few small tips. First of all, South Florida’s rainy season is tapering down but don’t think this means to overwater your lawn. Also, make sure to rake up those leaves. Though we don’t have a lot of falling foliage, the stuff that covers the grounds soaks up rays that could be your lawn’s.

The biggest thing, however, is don’t over-mow your lawn. Sunshine is constant, but grass growth still slows during Miami autumn gardening, putting you in a bad place to start winter. Cutting too much kills cool-weather progress.

Bulbs and annuals for flower beds

Florida autumn landscaping allows prosperous bulbs like agapanthus, rain lily, and Clivia lily. Expect these to bloom next year and add organic matter to the planting bed for optimum results.

Begin fall Miami gardening by planting impatiens, alyssum, and dianthus for the cooler months ahead. These are great for the fall/winter garden. Even though temperatures are still high, now is the time to prepare.

Vegetables and Herbs

For those with a taste for the organic, simple fall Florida landscaping crops of carrots, beans, green onions, broccoli, collards, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, radishes, and peppers can be abundant

An assortment of herbs – like fennel, cilantro, dill, and parsley to name a few – can be sown from seed or transplants for effective autumn Miami landscaping.

Have any Florida autumn gardening tips?

Fall Miami landscaping is a great way to enjoy the weather as the year begins to cool down. If you have any suggestions for a bountiful harvest, drop us a line on Facebook. Go enjoy the season and share some outdoor experiences with your loved one, that’s the number one tip from us.

And for all your autumn Florida gardening dreams, call The Billy Goat Landscaping today!

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