Miami Gardening Tips for Fall Season

October usually marks the beginning of Florida’s dry season, with big storms becoming fewer and sunshowers getting shorter. Autumn is right around the corner and less humid weather is just a few weeks away. Thankfully, Billy Goat is back with a few simple October lawn care tips to help prepare your garden for the Fall.

Fall is fantastic for Floridians who enjoy fruit, vegetable, and herb gardening 

The first weeks of the month may tend to be as wet as September, so it’s wise to plant crops that are ready a month after planting.  Radishes, mustard greens, baby lettuce, arugula, baby bok choi, and salad turnips can be ready to harvest by November, even if planted from seed.  Cucumbers, bush beans, peas, 

And – while herbs are a good idea to grow all the time – basil, cilantro, and rosemary will give you stunning results this season.

Make sure to harvest these every 2-3 days if necessary to always have room for new crops and produce a hefty yield.  The majority of these edible plants need to be eaten young, too.  For example, cucumbers, zucchini, and beans that have stayed on a plant too long become hard and difficult to eat.  These mature fast so they’ll be ready for a meal before some of your other crops and are annuals, so make the most of them while you can.

Red October

October is also a great month for reds.  As discussed a few blogs ago, it’s strawberry season, so go ahead a drop a few of these beauties in the dirt.  Tomato lovers should also rejoice, as a variety of species can be planted now and last through the year if maintained well.  These juicy treats are some of those gifts that keep on giving.

Speaking of reds – and other natural fauna tints – October is a perfect time to prepare beds for planting roses. Dig some soil and drop peat moss and seed away.   Billy Goat also recommends selecting potted flowers and re-planting them for immediate aesthetic. 

Make the most of the rain

By the end of October and the start of November, we can expect our dry season to begin.  However, that doesn’t mean your gardening has to stop.

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