Winter landscaping in Florida may sound odd, but locals know the outside is always the most fun to decorate

Florida holiday gardening is a time for families to come together to make moments that last a lifetime.  Outdoor light fixtures in residential and business areas have always been a draw, but this is especially true in a tropical metropolis like Miami.  But no amount of pleasant weather will make any Miami Christmas landscaping or Hanukah gardening installation memorable if the lawn is closed for winter. 

Luckily, The Billy Goat Landscaping has a bag full of holiday magic to make every plant, tree, or shrub on your lawn capable of holding a candle up to any decorative light.

Let’s explore a few ways we can help you make the best out of your Florida winter landscaping.

Things to Remember

Although the rainy season is over, continue to water anything newly planted and keep in mind that shorter days mean cooler temperatures resulting in slower-growing lawns. The majority of the above-ground Miami holiday landscaping is resting but roots usually continue with the proper care.

Also, when adding outdoor lighting that runs on electricity, keep in mind where power chords and sources are located.  Make sure to let your landscapers know where lights are so we don’t damage them with our equipment to ensure winter gardening in Florida stays festive.

Flowers and Bulbs

Miami winter gardening is a great opportunity to place poinsettias outdoors.  Their bright red is perfect for the season and always hold their own weight next to any light fixture.  Framed by alyssum and amaryllis or snapdragon and goddetia, these are elegant designs that are simple to maintain.  Also, the poppy – especially California poppy and Iceland poppy – thrives in the cold. Place these next to some salvia and enjoy the view.  

As far as bulbs go, Florida winter gardening is a great time for the lily and iris.   Day lily, spider lily, rain lily, and more meld great with decorations. With a few African and Dutch irises thrown in, your home or business will be ready for the carolers.  

Trees and Lawn

Holiday gardening in Miami is ideal for pruning and maintaining trees in order to selectively remove branches that provide clearance to reduce the risk of breakage and reshape.  If you are unsure about techniques, The Billy Goat specializes in the care and pruning trees of any shape or size.

Florida holiday landscaping is a wise time place mulch.  Moderate soil temperature keeps roots warm and this sustains soil moisture, lowering the need to water the lawn as often.  Mulch also hinders weeds, supports the reduction of soil erosion, and can improve or maintain a plant’s health by insulating the sun’s radiation.  It then uses it during the darker hours to keep them warm.  

Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

Though aesthetics typically takes the focus of Miami winter landscaping, vegetables and herbs are always important to any garden for health and financial reasons, too.  One of the easiest vegetables to grow during the cool months is broccoli of any variety – De Cicco, Early Dividend, Waltham, etc. – flourishes easily.  It’s also a tasty source of calcium, fiber, vitamin C, and A.  

Cauliflower, peas, lettuce, onions, cabbage, and mostly anything that needs to be dug out to enjoy are also simple veggies for holiday landscaping in Florida.

When it comes to herbs in Miami winter landscaping, rosemary is a fun little plant that can make great décor.  Shape it into a tiny Christmas tree if you feel inspired. Also, mint, oregano, parsley, anise, arugula, basil, cilantro, coriander, dill, bay, chives, fennel, garlic, lavender, sage, sweet marjoram, thyme, and watercress are great for the cold climate.

A Green Winter Wonderland

Whether you need residential gardening, commercial landscaping, or general lawn care maintenance, The Billy Goat is the number one choice for holiday landscaping in Miami.

Because we’re here to serve you.

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