Florida’s summers can be a weather roller-coaster, but that doesn’t mean your lawn needs to look like it just got off one

Summertime in Miami is literally the stuff of movies and wise property owners often take this time to apply some tender loving care to their grass.  

As a provider of some of the best lawn care maintenance in South Florida, The Billy Goat knows exactly what this takes and we’re here to guide you on the road to the evergreen lawn you’ve always wanted.  Entering the warmest parts of the year, it’s time to shift gears when it comes to how your outdoor areas are maintained.  With more water and hotter weather, foliage thrives – along with weeds – so they must be trimmed or removed as necessary, also permitting for some of the lushest landscapes of the year. 

But don’t worry – The Billy Goat knows exactly what your grass needs to stay verdant and beautifully manicured all year-round.

Mowing a Miami lawn

Maintaining a regular schedule for mowing is the key to any Miami lawn care.  

Whether it’s on commercial or residential property, South Florida’s grass grows quickly during the summer because of the nice weather and constant rain showers.  This makes a sharp cut the essence of a nice Miami garden as it maximizes nutrient absorption and photosynthesis, depending on the grass genus.

While your grass is constantly growing during the summer, keeping up with the mowing is important for the look and health of your lawn. Based on the type of grass in your lawn, adjust your mowing height as this is critical.  Some species – like Bermuda – must be kept under 2 inches in height while others – such as the common St. Augustine – thrives at 3 to 4 inches. 

Regardless, one should never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade or the grass will be damaged.  The best way to ensure your grass is cut to perfection is simply to give Billy Goat a call.

Watering a Miami Lawn

Irrigating a Miami lawn is obviously key to its health during the summer, making our rainiest season of the year great for gardening.  Florida gets almost twice as much rain during the summer as in the winter but the sweltering heat dries it out fast, making the need for a little extra water necessary.  

If you notice the tips of your grass’s blades going brown, give it about ½ inch and ¾ inch of water.  Set up a sprinkler in the morning about twice a week, especially the following days with very little rain.  

You’ll see the difference.

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