South Florida’s summers are legendary for their rainy, unpredictable weather.  Dade sees on average 60 inches of precipitation from May to September with much of it coming from random storms that last only minutes.  The humidity’s impact on grass can cause both erratic growth and unseen harm, making summer lawn care in Miami an extremely demanding chore.  

Luckily, The Billy Goat has a few rainy season landscaping tips to guide South Florida property owners through another wet summer.

Pick Up the Junk

Heavy rainstorms and even short showers can cause debris to accumulate throughout a property.  Areas of low elevation collect waste that prevents sunlight from reaching the roots, killing the grass.  Leaves, fallen branches, forgotten produce from fruit trees, and other random rubbish will build up if not properly addressed.

Often overlooked because of the work’s laborious nature, cleaning up trash is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn.

How Often Should Grass be Mowed During Miami’s Rainy Months?

The simple answer is only when it’s dry – which is not often down here during the summer.

Cutting wet grass is terrible for lawns.  It strains future growth by carving small trenches into the soil that fill up with water and over hydrate soil, further damaging the landscape.  The weight of a mower also pushes out the oxygen in soil air pockets necessary for roots to flourish while ripping up the turf. And remember, never remove more the 1/3 the leaf blade, so adjust the mower accordingly.

Tall grass might seem unsightly, but dead patches on the lawn are worse.  Getting on the proper schedule with the right landscaping experts can make all the difference and take the burden off your hands.  

Keep Off the Grass! (Especially When it’s Wet)

Stepping on wet grass can also – like mowing the lawn – cause ruts and soil compaction.  This removes nutrients the lawn needs while leaving behind others that over-indulge roots and cause the turf harm.

Wet grass is also slippery and slick making running or playing on it hazardous.

Rain is Not Always Great for a Lawn

Summers in South Florida equal lawns soaked in rainResidential and commercial properties must be prepared for the changes while ensuring future healthy landscape growth. 

If you need any landscaping in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, call or contact The Billy Goat and see how we will assist you.