Why give the love of your life flowers when scheduled gardening shows them you really care year-round?

Being romantic on Valentine’s Day is a tightrope of spontaneity and planning that – when executed correctly – should show your partner imagination as well as dependability.  Originality and a constant reminder that says “I care” is what most people want and that could really be just about anything. But it’s the small things that keep on giving that really seem to carry the most meaning.

For example, scheduled lawn maintenance in Miami.

The Billy Goat cherishes plants more than most and we fawn at a dozen roses, too, but wouldn’t a flower garden that’s utopian trough regular Miami landscaping?  It may be easy to get lost on the materialistic joy a bouquet from your special person because they truly are beautiful, however, it’s a gift that has no longevity or originality.  Think outside the heart-shaped box and consider why planned lawn care in South Florida is a sure-shot for Cupid’s arrow on Valentine’s Day.

Perfect for the woman in your life…

Look, unless this is your first Valentine’s Day together, chances are you’ve already done the flowers thing way too many times.  And unless you’re ready to pop The Question or have money to spare, jewelry is not really a feasible option.

Thankfully, the imagination is the limit when it comes to gift-giving, but for property owners who live a domesticated life in the South Florida suburbs, scheduled residential gardening in Miami can be a gift that is truly thoughtful.  Providing a home for your loved ones is not easy, so don’t fall short on something as simple as regular home landscaping.  It’s one of those gifts that always remind her that she can count on you.

… As well as the man

You both work hard to keep each other happy, but it would be nice if he had more free time to do more of it.  So, clear up the weekend schedule and let him spend his day off by letting him stay out of the heat. This Florida sun is cruel for yard work, especially after working 40 hours or more.  You can bet that he’ll appreciate a scheduled lawn mowing service in Miami more than a tie and socks.

Plus, wouldn’t his time be better spent doing some laundry and dishes?

The real gift that keeps on giving

It’s not hard to be original for Valentine’s Day when you have The Billy Goat is backing you up.  Whether you need a 2020 landscaping update or any regular lawn care maintenance in Miami,  The Billy Goat is the number one choice for South Florida gardening needs.

Because we’re here to serve you.

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