Spring in South Florida is beautiful – make the most of it by letting The Billy Goat ensure your commercial and residential landscaping matches the season

As Spring begins to warm up The Sunshine State, more people are spending time outside with loved ones and taking advantage of the tropical climate. Grills are heating up in back yards and it seems everyone is trying to enjoy the great outdoors somehow, especially during these trying times.  So why not inaugurate the season by getting The Billy Goat’s lawn care experts to take your property’s Spring landscaping in Miami to the next level? 

Check out the many ways The Billy Goat can spruce up your property to have your garden blossoming its best this season and year-round.

Mowing, Trimming, and Pruning

With the days growing longer and more humidity in the air, your property’s landscaping will begin to flourish.  Grass, bushes, and flower beds sprout spectacularly, calling for a little manicuring to keep outdoor areas well-groomed.  

How often you should mow your lawn or trim/prune depends on the type of property, grass length when being cut, HOA guidelines, and other details that are often hard to track.  Some subdivisions and shopping centers have strict rules about keeping landscaping maintained, so it’s in your and the community’s best interest to know what those are while keeping your outdoor areas looking healthy.

The same goes with trimming and pruning shrubbery.  Unless you have some level of experience, your outdoor land should be tended by someone who knows what they’re doing.  Re-edging and pruning a flower bed can get tricky. 

Avoid the stress and hassle by scheduling a regular visit from professionals to keep everything up to standard.

Reseeding Damaged Areas and Redefining Borders

Now that weather is accelerating garden growth, it’s the perfect time to lay down some sod, seeds, and new plants.  The Billy Goat’s specialists can assist in recommending the perfect grass and florae to spread across your outdoor property to get that curb appeal every home or business deserves.  

This – combined with mowing and trimming – is a great way to redefine lawn border sections and property lines.  The right kind of gardening not only heightens the aesthetic but also creates unobtrusive perimeters around homes and businesses.

Remove Debris from Leaves, Branches, and Clutter

Winter can often result in a mess of dead leaves, broken branches, and other types of debris that just accumulate over time leaving a bit of a mess behind.  Spending personal time cleaning up all this trash can be a tedious and dirty job that needs to be done regularly to prevent junk buildup on your land.

Arranging routine appointments with The Billy Goat crew can prevent garbage collection on your lawn.  Our team gets rid of any damaged plants, pulls weeds, and removes any debris or other rubbish that has found its way into your property.  We’ll rake out your garden beds and lawn then dispose of your leaves which will allow your lawn to absorb more nutrients to encourage healthy growth.

Get Your Lawn Prepared for Spring

Check out The Billy Goat’s landscaping gallery to see some of our best commercial and residential lawn care in Miami.  And don’t forget to visit our Facebook and blog to catch all our latest South Florida gardening updates.

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