Lawn maintenance in hot weather can be tricky, especially when it comes to Miami landscaping. Some days are blazing scorchers while others come with torrential downpours, stressing you and your grass. South Florida has everything from extreme heat and extended dry periods to tropical storms and hurricanes, making care from a professional the best bet for a lush garden all summer.

Here are some things to avoid when landscaping during warm weather from The Billy Goat to help keep your property looking healthy this season.

Avoid Mowing During Dry Heat

Mowing grass when it’s hot and dry outside can stress it out, preventing it from properly recuperating. Most of a grass’s moisture is stored in the blades allowing the roots to get more water after it dries. Longer grass shades the soil, too, which keeps it cool while decreasing moisture evaporation.
Try to have the grass trimmed after rainfall or watering.

Also, make sure the mower blades are sharp for precise cuts that promote recovery. And never cut the grass more than 1/3 of its current length.

Avoid Fertilizing when Weather is Erratic

Feeding a lawn when it’s stressed isn’t beneficial and can cause damage. Wait until the weather cools or is more predictable, like the spring or fall seasons, and research the chemicals that are being used.

Some fertilizers can hold nutrients for up to 6 months so it may be unnecessary and can burn out turf.

Avoid Under or Overwatering Your Grass

Sporadic rain is common down here during the summer, but so are blazing hot days with no precipitation. It’s important to know some rainy season lawn care tips – or it may suffer.

Because summer in Miami can be packed with random showers, it’s important to not water lawns during these times. However, thanks to the humidity, grass and other plants get used to being hydrated often, making a few days without rain harmful.

If a property has automatic sprinklers, the owner may want to adjust how often they turn on or put them on a manual setting. But if watering is necessary because of a dry spell, the best time to do so is in the morning so it has time to evaporate.

Irrigate only if there has been less than one inch of rain in the past 7 days.

What’s the Best Summer Landscaping Option?

The best way to avoid this hassle is regularly scheduled lawn care with a team of experts. For residential and commercial landscaping in Miami-Dade, call or message The Billy Goat today.