There are several reasons artificial lawns in Miami are becoming more and more prevalent. Synthetic turf has a bit of an edge over natural grass – it looks amazing as soon as it’s set, is functional regardless of season, takes very little care, and the list goes on.

This is exactly why The Billy Goat decided to compile one of our own, showing our clients why synthetic grass in South Florida is the new trend in landscaping. 

Looks Stunning 

There’s no way around it, synthetic grass in South Florida has that breathtaking aesthetic that boasts modern perfection.  Every yard of perfectly manicured blades is engineered to look exactly like the real thing without any of the hassle.  

Synthetic landscaping gives properties a uniform cohesion that delivers sophistication and beauty.   

Stays Green All Year Round

When natural grass starts yellowing and running out of water, artificial lawns in South Florida retain their luster.  Because it’s not real, property owners never have to worry that it will die, flood, burn out, or even change color.

Artificial grass makes it so you can always count on your landscaping looking its best.

Low Maintenance

Because synthetic turf always looks healthy, it requires very little work.

The low maintenance aspects of artificial grass in Miami are crucial during those hot, humid, days.  The concept of never having to mow your lawn again has a certain kind of appeal that every homeowner understands on a seminal level.  

Instead of wasting the weekend with landscaping chores, you can take advantage of your gorgeous lawn with your loved one.


If you’re looking for cost-effective landscaping in Miami, then artificial lawns are something to consider.  Aside from the low maintenance convenience aspects, this cuts down on random expenditures that come with live grass.  

Synthetic turf doesn’t need water, fertilizer, trimming, and it doesn’t change colors.  Now that’s something to make neighbors green with envy.

Raises Property Value

Covering your lawn with synthetic turf in Miami is a great way to improve a location’s property value.  Good landscaping raises property value, especially when it’s low maintenance and striking.  

Astroturf also adds curb appeal, boosting resale value, making properties easier to sell for more money.

Great For Kids

One of the best elements offered by artificial lawns in Miami is that children always reap the rewards of a perfect setting for outdoor activities.  Without all the random debris that can accumulate in natural grass, synthetic turf provides a safer environment for kids to run around in the sun.

And you can even design a putting green for the inner child in every adult.

Pets Love It, Too

With specifically engineered artificial turfs for pets that vary in coarseness, animals and synthetic grass are perfect matches.  Dogs and cat can run at full speeds without the danger of scratching paws on rocks or concrete – and cleaning up messes is a breeze.  

Also, if you have pets that like digging up your lawn, artificial turf is the answer. 

Ready to Upgrade to Synthetic Grass?

With artificial landscaping, the grass can always be greener on your side.  Call or message The Billy Goat for a consultation about artificial residential and commercial landscaping in Miami-Dade today.

Check out The Billy Goat Gallery to see how synthetic turf keeps some of our clients’ grass green year-round and visit our blog for fun Miami lawn care ideas.  Or if you have some tips of your own, drop us a line on Facebook, we love to hear from the community.