Regular Lawn Care & Maintenance in Miami

Keeping grass green requires regular upkeep – what The Billy Goat does best

For award-winning recurrent Miami lawn servicing, it’s no wonder locals have been turning to The Billy Goat for over 15 years.

With complete dedication to customer satisfaction, The Billy Goat specializes in everything from weekly grass mowing of single-family homes to large scale tree placement/planning/removal in commercial spaces.  Well-trained and backed by a $2 million liability policy to protect our clients, our work can be seen from The Keys to Palm Beach, ensuring regularly scheduled lawn care in Florida is not something that burdens your mind while helping ensure property value.

Delivering regular residential property gardening, commercial space outdoor maintenance, and other regular lawn care in Miami, The Billy Goat provides:

  • Scheduled grass mowing
  • Flower arrangements outdoors
  • Tree and bush trimming
  • Garden debris removal
  • Shrub and hedge maintenance
  • Mulch and sod laying
  • Plant or tree placement and removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Regular weeding
  • Repair install artificial turf
  • Stone, gravel, brick, and other hardscape installations
  • And more…

For all Florida lawn service needs, The Billy Goat is ready to handle any job, just pick up the phone, we’re one call away.

Where customer satisfaction is number one!
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